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Bouncing Back

In season 1 of Bouncing Back, a Rogers TV mini docu-series,  Adam talked to  local business owners to learn how they coped through the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Watch Season 1 

Announcing Season 2!

Bouncing Back has been revamped for Season 2!

Come along on this heartfelt journey as Adam visits a new local charity in each episode.


After uncovering the unique roots of each organization Adam & his team will create a well deserved appreciation dinner for the hard working staff.


With local focused cooking and community initiatives, fast paced kitchen antics and encouraging tales of success, Bouncing Back aims to have something for everyone!

Help us give back! This season: CHARITIES​!

The production of this show, meals and facilities for the charity appreciation dinner will be solely funded by sponsors and donors. We greatly appreciate any help we can get! Please see below for ways you can help.

Community Partners

Want to have your business featured in our credits, on our social media and possibly in an episode?

Have a product or service you'd like to donate?

We're looking for some help in a number of areas:

  • Dining facilities: to host the dinner event

  • Food/ingredients/desserts

  • Audio/Visual equipment rentals

  • Lines/Decorations

  • Gifts for charity staff


Get in Touch!


Have a commercial professionally produced by Heard Mentality Media and aired each time an episode of Bouncing Back airs for the entire season! 

Also, your generosity will be featured on our social media, web page and in the show credits!

Click Here for Details!


We greatly appreciate any help you can provide, we're looking for assistance in the following areas:


  • Event setup/tear down

  • Serving (for the dinner)

  • Cooking/Prepping (for the dinner)

  • Running (general assistance on film days)


Volunteer Today!

Bouncing Back Season 1

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